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H&B Analogue Gift Shop at Desert & Denim

by Sybil Perez |

This weekend we're in Joshua Tree at the Institute of Mentalphysics, tending our Analogue Gift Shop at the fourth annual Desert & Denim Festival. Along with Hat & Beard Press titles, we'll have vintage handpicked books from The Librarian, cool records from the folks at Read More


by Clark Allen |

You may have noticed that Hat & Beard expanded its production company into the movie arena last year with the critically acclaimed Along for the Ride, a documentary film directed by Nick Ebeling that charts the life and times of Dennis Hopper, focusing on his “blacklisted years” (1971-1986); as told through Hopper’s long-time right-hand man, Satya de la Manitou.


by Clark Allen |

Dolores Huerta and George Rodriguez reflect on their lives and work while examining his new book, Double Vision.


by Clark Allen |

FWY is the follow-up book to photographer David Black’s acclaimed and out-of-print 2016 monograph, Cerro Gordo. It is a surrealist portrait of a population stranded in an endless traffic jam.    Black portrays the striated landscape of Los Angeles as an energy vortex; imagining the freeways as the central circulatory system...


by Clark Allen |

We can't always talk about upcoming projects in full detail, but dropping a hint here and there is always a good time. Keep an eye out for a collaboration between H&B + this guy + the city of San Francisco, coming this fall. You will not be disappointed.All photographs displayed here by Ray Potes.

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