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Slow Fade — Rudolph Wurlitzer

Slow Fade — Rudolph Wurlitzer




Softcover, 194 pages
5 x 7.75 inches
Drag City
2011 (Originally published in 1984)

The return of Slow Fade is a fine thing. Its Rudy Wurlitzers greatest work of fiction, both as a novel and as a screenplay, and one of the best American books there is. ... [Its] based on Wurlitzers personal experiences with noted film director Sam Peckinpah, and also with the American Sixties dharma trip in India and elsewhere. Either subject would have been a fine basis for a novel. Only Rudys restless mind could make one story of both, merging two seemingly disparate things into one mad world—one compact, entertaining, edgy, tragic, epic narrative.

From Alex Coxs introduction to the book


Rudolph Wurlitzer is novelist and screenwriter. He lives in New York and Nova Scotia.