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Farewell, My Dudes: 69 Dystopian Haikus Farewell, My Dudes: 69 Dystopian Haikus Farewell, My Dudes: 69 Dystopian Haikus Farewell, My Dudes: 69 Dystopian Haikus

Farewell, My Dudes: 69 Dystopian Haikus




Softcover, 160 pages
4¾ × 7½ in. 
12.065 × 19.05 cm. 

Poetry, when encountered unexpectedly, can be unexpectedly loved. One might love it accidentally.

—Mandy Kahn

Using the ancient Japanese art form of haiku as his weapon of choice, author Johnathan Rice dissects and disrupts, blasting our collective feed with razor sharp socio-political satire and insightful culture commentary. From the chaotic state of American politics to the labyrinthine emotional landscape of a Tinder date—his debut book of poetry addresses all the vacuous ennui of the modern world.

A singer-songwriter signed to Reprise Records in 2003, Rice has been recording and producing music ever since. In 2016 a shift in his life led him to move from a leafy home in Laurel Canyon to a rougher, weirder existence in Echo Park.

Spending hours on Instagram, Rice eventually came to see it as a form of social hieroglyphics. This ignited a personal creative experiment, as Rice began populating his feed with words, all on an app usually reserved for images.

The result was a series of what he dubbed his dystopian haikus” and what became a cathartic, therapeutic method of using humor and poetry to comment on what he feels may be a disintegrating culture … and his own complicity in it. 

Farewell, My Dudes is a specially curated selection of Rice’s 2016-17 Instagram posts, each of them a three-line, structured syllabic wonder. Sly, witty, and unexpectedly poignant, Rice’s dystopia is simultaneously insightful and hilarious. It is an assortment of keenly observed statements about life, music, art, social media, brunch—and of course love.

Edited by Jessica Hundley & J.C. Gabel
Introduction by Mandy Kahn
Designed by Taylor Giali
Hat & Beard Press #11

W Magazine