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The Imaginary 20th Century — <br>Norman M. Klein & Margo Bistis The Imaginary 20th Century — <br>Norman M. Klein & Margo Bistis

The Imaginary 20th Century —
Norman M. Klein & Margo Bistis




Softcover, 235 pages, 48 illus.
6 x 9 inches
By Norman M. Klein & Margo Bistis
ZKM, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

The Imaginary 20th Century is a historical comic novel and media narrative, written by Norman M. Klein and Margo Bistis, and published by the art museum ZKM.  With a team of artists, the authors have invented a unique narrative machine where facts and fiction split and return, across spaces between.

The Imaginary 20th Century is at once a comic picaresque and a treatise on the twentieth century.  It is a playful and yet deadly serious meditation on one sentence: the future can only be told in reverse.


Norman M. Klein is a cultural critic and historian. Much of his work deals with cities, media and political history. Klein is also known for his comic scholarly fiction. He teaches at CalArts. 

Margo Bistis is a cultural historian and curator. She teaches at ArtCenter College of Design.