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The Steve Keene Art Book The Steve Keene Art Book The Steve Keene Art Book The Steve Keene Art Book The Steve Keene Art Book

The Steve Keene Art Book




Hardcover, 265 pages
11.8 in. x 11.8 in.
29.972 cm. x 29.972 cm.

Steve Keene is the most prolific American painter of all time, producing more than 300,000 hand-painted works via his studio/chainlink fence cage where he paints more than 50 paintings at a time.

Lovingly known for making affordable art, as well as being the indie rock cover art maker to Pavement, The Apples in stereo, and Silver Jews, Keene has long been under appreciated for his importance to the 90s indie art and music scenes. The Steve Keene Art Book*—originally conceived during his sold out show at Shepard Fairey's LA Gallery Subliminal Projects in 2016—is the first art book dedicated exclusively to his work. 

Special options available with  The Steve Keene Art Book, while supplies last:

Option 1
The Steve Keene Art Book with limited-edition, signed-and-numbered card

Option 2 [SOLD OUT]
The Steve Keene Art Book with 12''x12" or 8"x12" piece of randomly selected Steve Keene art (signed, hand-painted multiple on 3/8" plywood)*

Option 3 [SOLD OUT]
• The Steve Keene Art Book with limited-edition, signed-and-numbered card and 2'x2' Steve Keene art piece (signed, randomly selected hand-painted multiple on 3/8" plywood)*

*Quantities are limited. Sizes are approximate. 


Praise for Steve Keene: 

“This guy must be the most prolific artist of all time.”
 Shepard Fairey, artist

“Steve Keene’s vast, distinctive body of work and his many fans are one big collective renaissance family. He is so appreciated for putting art into people’s hands who maybe had not a dime to spare. With each painting, he allows us to remember, and ‘be right back there.’ We were there.” 
—Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power

“Steve’s work, the vastness of the project, it has the feeling of a churning waterfall of creation. The colors are Warhol primary, it has the directness of graffiti, with the serial fordist impulse of a painting machine … all inscribed with an unsubtle middle finger to art market masterpiece-ism.”
—Stephen Malkmus, musician (Pavement, Silver Jews)

“The Johnny Appleseed of art."
—Elsa Longhauser, founding executive director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (Time)

"Warhol claimed he wanted to be a machine, but Keene IS a machine."


Steve Keene is a Brooklyn-based multi-media artist who has uniquely showcased his work internationally. His focus includes hand-painted multiples, wood sculpture, and tattooed plywood.

Daniel Efram is a photojournalist, activist, and producer based in New York City. He has produced televised music concerts, documentary films, music videos, and other creative projects. As an artist manager, he has represented The Apples in stereo for over 20 years. His photography has been seen on the pages of the NY Times and other publications. Leica Fotographie International named Curiosities, his first art book, as Book of the Month for April 2019 (now available exclusively through Hat & Beard Press).

*The Steve Keene Art Book is co-published by Tractor Beam and has been made possible through a crowdfunding campaign that included hundreds of supporters, from Keene's former hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, to fans from all over the world who contributed pieces from their own personal collections. 
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