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Jess Rotter, I’m Bored Jess Rotter, I’m Bored Jess Rotter, I’m Bored Jess Rotter, I’m Bored Jess Rotter, I’m Bored Jess Rotter, I’m Bored Jess Rotter, I’m Bored

Jess Rotter, I’m Bored




Hardcover, 88 pages
6½ × 5½ in.
16.51 × 13.97 cm.

“Jess Rotter is an incredible artist that recognizes and explores the in-between spaces, the important moments that are not regulated by simple cause and effect. Her work inspires and challenges us to create from within and to search for inspiration in the quiet and personal realm of experience.”
—Kate and Laura Mulleavy (Rodarte)

I’m Bored is a whimsical cartoon variety show from beloved illustrator and artist: Jess Rotter.

A wizard paddles on a lonely sea, his flag proclaiming “I’m trying.” An ostrich hitchhikes in the desert, holding up a sign with her destination—“Bliss.” A walrus in an AC/DC shirt looks calmly at the viewer beneath a permanent refrain of, “I’m bored. Part art book, part comic book compilation, and a skeptical but loving take on “Successories”—motivational posters for the office—I’m Bored features Rotter’s whimsical, wonderfully whacked-out work.

Informed by a deep knowledge and love for the world of 1970s rock ’n’ roll, Rotter was first inspired by her father’s vinyl covers and comic books growing up. She describes her early aesthetic influences as “part Peter Max, part Fritz the Cat.”

Designed by the artist and with a foreword/toast by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, I’m Bored is a Gary-Larson-meets-The Muppets variety show, a terrific trip composed of recurring illustrated characters—ranging from walruses to wizards to life warriors—who are all, like the rest of us, seeking their daily salvation.

Limited (Lenticular) Edition $30
Same book. Lenticular cover. 

Deluxe Edition (Bundle) $40
1. Limited Lenticular Edition of the book, I’m Bored
2. An assortment of I’m Bored embroidered character patches
3. 21.5x18 Now What? Indigo Poster

Foreword by Kate and Laura Mulleavy
Hat & Beard Press #5

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