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You may have noticed that Hat & Beard expanded its production company into the movie arena last year with the critically acclaimed Along for the Ride, a documentary film directed by Nick Ebeling that charts the life and times of Dennis Hopper, focusing on his “blacklisted years” (1971-1986); as told through Hopper’s long-time right-hand man, Satya de la Manitou.

You can watch the film now on Hulu and on iTunes. It’s still touring theaters across the country, too, and screenings are planned for this summer in London, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona. View the trailer here.

In celebration of our first film project, Hat & Beard Press is proud to announce the limited-edition book companion for Along for the Ride, designed by the talented Mona Smith, which will include the film on Blu-Ray and download card and be available only on our web site, at select screenings, and in limited retail engagements for $75.

But you can pre-order now and save 20% by using the promo code “ELHOMBREINDIVISIBLE”.

Along for the Ride explores the highs, lows, and ultimately the phoenix-like ascension of iconic Hollywood maverick Dennis Hopper, as seen through the eyes of Satya de la Manitou, his mysterious longtime “right-hand man.” Filmmaker Nick Ebeling chronicles the unlikely duo’s incredible 40-plus year journey, an enduring and intense brotherhood as intimately complex as Hopper’s own legendary career. De la Manitou re-examines his dedication to his friend’s idiosyncratic and uncompromising genius, reminiscing with a fascinating cast of characters: Hopper’s co-conspirators, family, and friends.

The AFTR book will include cutting-room-floor material, new essays, interviews, and the film itself on Blu-Ray and download.


A limited-edition special printing of 100 copies of the Along for the Ride book and theatrical poster (archival exhibition pigment print, aka Giclee, printed on Summerset Velvet paper), signed by director Nick Ebeling, the film’s star Satya de la Mantiou, and artist and designer Akiko Stehrenberger, is available for $150 in the Hat & Beard shop.