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Blame California

Xerophile has been one of our most well received books and we're thrilled that our interest in insane shapes and near-death experiences in the desert doesn't leave us on some lonely cultural island. Moreover it's exciting to see pieces like this one in CURBED, in which Patrick Sisson investigates some of the reasons the cactus has become such a natural part of this moment's canon. It's a fascinating trend, though maybe a little bleak considering the ecological challenges we face nowadays. Take a look at the CURBED piece for more.  We're really pleased with how much leading Xerophile contributor Carlos Morera's quotes read like excerpts from a Joy Williams interview.

'Morera blames California. It’s a product of the drought-motivated embrace of water-conscious horticulture, sustainability, and an obsession with the lifestyle evoked by the idea of getting lost in Joshua Tree on a weekend. Like avocado toast, a cactus is an attainable object of affection and obsession, a stereotyped symbol of the Golden State, what Morera calls the “mecca for wellness, natural living, and floppy hats.”'

Very true.